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Kailash Mukthinath Tour

Tour Code KAIIB14MUK
Duration 14 Nights / 15 Days
Destination Covered Tibet, Kandagi River, Mustang
Price (Starting From) On Request

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  • Kailash Mukthinath Tour

  • Kailash Mukthinath Tour

CONCESSION FOR GROUP OF 15Yoke And Special Wait Lifting People Fee
Personel Special Needs21-0730-10

Tour Itinerary

Day 1: Katmond

from Chennai to Delhi by plane to reach Katmandu Arrive by plane and then from there, where the Rudraksha garland Civanatiyar reception, induction ceremony will take place. Kayilaya After a discussion about the trip, preparing tiruppayanattirku night stays.

Meals : Full boarding

Day 2: Nepal kanch

breakfast at 9 am anointed to Pashupatinath deluxe bus went by, and then the main shrines, Buddhist Neelkant, kukkesvari Energy Faculty ceytuyattirai donate up vision. Nepalkanc Indo-Nepal border, reached by plane and then stay the night.

Day 3: simikote

Early morning cimikot reached by plane in Nepal Stay night. The vision here is to go up the famous Temple of Shiva.

Meals : Full boarding

Day 4: Hilsa

China-Nepal border in the early hours hilca Arrive by helicopter. After Nepal, China Customs 15-minute walk from there to test the limits payanattiltipet retrieval. From there by deluxe vehicle Prong (Taklakot) Arrive (Purang for acclimatization). Then yoga, piranayam, making walking iravutankutal (The group will be taken for a trekking).

Meals : Full boarding

Day 5: Manasoravar

dawn purank from the super deluxe vehicle Manasarovar Giri circulating, Manasarovar Nathan the Shiv Flag is hoisted worshiped tirukkayilai natanai mutaltaricanam (south face), and Ganesha, the birthplace Kurla mantata mountain, Karthikeyan emerged Saravana poykaiyaiyum sight, Ravana's rakcacal eriyaikanta then manasarovar stays . Proccanam manasarovar resolved by the full moon and a full moon on the Parvati pujaiceytu a million light loading night civajoti (gods), and viewing vision.

Meals : Full boarding

Day 6: parigrama

Early morning from Manasarovar Arrives tarccankemp. Then at 8 am Thirumurai recite collective prayers tirukkayilaya parikkirama (kirivalam) Preparing to go. And from here (south face) went out kirivalam ematuvar and go through cersan in tirapuk (north face) culayutam kayilainatan planted a million light loading. Stay the night at the Camp finished tirapuk vision.

Meals : Full boarding

Day 7: Parigrama

at 5am tirapuk camp Golden meniyanai (Swayambhu Lingam) vision (prayer) done tolmapas (the Goddess Parvati to worship) of Lord Shiva kotiyerrivalipatu and then Parvati tirttamana Gauri Kund Tirtha, taking the second night jutulpuk camp stays.

Meals : Full boarding

Day 8: Parigrama

The third day of the camp at 8 am and leave jutulpuk tarccankemp parikkirama reach completion. The civanatiyarkalai kirivalam bowed special viruntalittal welcomed. Nepal Deluxe from there by bus, Prong via China after a customs test went hilca night stays.

Meals : Full boarding

Day 9: simikote

cimikot reached by helicopter from hilca morning, and then from there by plane via nepalkanc Arrives Kathmandu. Iravunataiperum tirukkayilaya Manasarovar Yatra at the closing ceremony of the certificate and the State Subsidy Application is a special treat, stay in alittuhottal.

Meals : Full boarding

Day 10: Katmond

up personal matters like shopping or relaxing.

Meals : Full boarding

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Tour Detail

Inclusions :

  • Transport

Exclusions :

  • Yoke And Special Wait Lifting People Fee
  • Personel Special Needs

Specific Departure Dates :


Departure Cities with rates :


Terms & Conditions :

  • All the packages provides twin/triple Sharing  AC /Non Ac Rooms as per the mention in the packages.
  • South / North indian  Veg/ Non veg buffetmeals will be provided . The packet lunch will be given for customers,where  the spot meals can not be provided during the travel
  • Sos traders will not be held responsible for the misbehaviours/damage caused by the GENERAL TERMS & CONDITIONS
  • individual while on the tour
  • Sostraders advise all the customer to buy travel insurance  additionally through sostraders sales desk agent before departuring the tour.
  • Comfortable transportation will be given on the private/SIC through car/Van/Minibus/Bus depending upon the customer group size for the particular package.
  • Sos traders has got full right to change the Itineraries for the required circumstances. The changes in cost and itineraries will informed immediately. Amount will be refunded according to the refund policy if raised by customer
  • Probelems faced by the customers should be informed immediately to the hotel/transport provider/tour manager/sostraders.
  • No boarding, drinks and beverages wll be given during the train/Flight travel as per package category
  • All the customers who are under group tour not allowed to go seperately or extending the tour without proper intimation.
  • For Train transport only sleeper class is included in all the packages. unless other wise if the customer shows specific interest to have Secon/third AC tier will be given with extra charges only.


  •     Entrance fee for Adventure, watersport,park,cable   car, winter cloth,Rental, laundryetc. Auto, local  transport, beverages and drinks during Bus/ Train  travels except the item mention in the package


  •     No refund of Advance if cancelled by individual
  •     7days before 10% of tour amount refunded
  •     15 days before 50% of tour amount refunced
  •     30 days before 100% minusing the advance amount
  •     will refunded

Booking Advance

  • Book your ticket by paying advance amount of Rs.5000 through our website  with details of payment


Kailash Mukthinath

Only helicopter package


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